Aquatic FAQs


Are life jackets or inflatable toys allowed and does the facility provide any?
All personal flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard-approved such as Puddle Jumpers. Inflatable devices such as water wings or inflatable tubes are not permitted. Any questions concerning pool toys should be directed to the pool manager on duty.


At what age can I leave my children alone?
Children must be 13 years or older to visit the BGFJCC without supervision. Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by a guardian age 16 or older. Children who cannot swim independently must have a parent/guardian in arms reach.


Is the Aquatic Center open when it rains?

Yes. The pools are open in a light rain. If it begins to rain hard enough that the bottom of the pool is not visible, the pools will be closed until visibility is clear again. If there is thunder or lighting in the area, we must evacuate the pools and pool deck until the area is deemed safe.


Are swim diapers required on tots?
Swim diapers are required on all children three and under and on children over age three who are not completely potty trained. You can purchase a swim diaper from the reception desk.




Private and Semi-Private Swim Lesson FAQs


During what times of the day can private lessons be scheduled?

Private lessons are scheduled for your convenience after 2pm during the fall, winter, and spring season. Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience during the summer season. We do not schedule private lessons during group swim lessons.


What ages can participate in private or semi-private lessons?

Private and semi-private swim lessons are available for participants 3 years of age and older. Private and semi-private swim lessons for children under the age of 3 years old will be a Parent and Child type class.


What is the difference between a private and semi-private swim lesson?

Private lessons are one participant to one instructor. Semi-Private lessons are 2-3 participants to 1 instructor. For semi-private lessons, participants need to be close in ability. Swimmers are responsible for providing their own co-participant.


How long will my lesson be?

All private and semi-private lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes.


What happens if I cannot make a scheduled lesson?

We require participants to notify us 24-hours in advance of their lesson. If the Aquatics office or reception desk receives notification less than 24-hours prior to your lesson, the lesson will be subtracted from your package. If we receive notification within 24-hours or more, the Aquatics Director will reschedule the missed lesson(s) with you for a time that best works for your schedule. Participants can e-mail and/or call the Aquatics Department at aquatics@bgfjcc.com .


What happens if I’m running late for my lesson?

All lessons are scheduled in 30 minute increments. If a participant is running late for their lesson, the instructor will provide the lesson as scheduled for the remaining amount of time allotted.




Group Swim Lesson FAQs


Do I have to be a member to sign up for Swim Lessons? 
No you do not have to have a membership to enroll your child in our group swim lessons. Since swim classes meet only once or twice per week, we do encourage you to consider a Family Membership so that you can help your child reinforce their new skills during our Family Swim on the weekdays or weekends.

How many children will be in my child's swim class? 
Pre-K and Grade School Level swim lessons will have a maximum of 6 children per class. Parent/Child lessons will have a maximum of 8 children per instructor.

Can I request a specific teacher for my child? 
We will do our best to accommodate all instructor requests but cannot guarantee which teacher your child will be placed with. We also may find it necessary to move a child to a different class mid-semester, or to change the teacher for a class mid-semester. 

Will a class be canceled if my child's instructor is out for the day? 
No, the class will still take place as usual. An appropriate substitute teacher will be staffed for the day. 

Can I register my child for a class after the semester has started?
Yes, based on availability.

Do you offer make-up lessons?
Unfortunately we do not allow make-up lessons for missed group classes.


What if it rains on a scheduled program day?

All classes will be held during light rain or drizzle. In the event of a steady rain or storm, classes will be canceled. The instructor will inform all participants at the next class when a make-up class will be held.


What will my child need for each swim class?
Please send your child with a swim suit, towel, and a pair of goggles to each swimming session. Please do not bring flotation devises or water wings - we will not use these in lessons. Children in parent/child classes who are not fully potty trained must wear an appropriate swim diaper under their swim attire.