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Wednesday, June 3

Barre with Dolores

Tips for Dining Out at Restaurants with Stephen


Thursday, June 4

10 Exercises You Can Do In Your Office with Sarah


Friday, June 5

Core with Dolores

Upper Body Circuit with Stephen


Sunday, June 7

Stretching with Sarah


Monday, June 8

Barre with Dolores

The Myth of Spot Reduction with Stephen


Tuesday, June 9

Total Body Tune Up Part Two with Sarah


Wednesday, June 10

Barre with Dolores

The Difference Between Weight and Body Composition with Stephen


Thursday, June 11

Planks and Pushups with Sarah


Friday, June 12

Core with Dolores

Why Rest Days Are Important with Stephen


Sunday, June 14

Why Everyone Should Do Cardio with Sarah




Welcome back Tampa JCC Family!

  • JCC Camps of North America Flagpole Series

    The weekly Flagpole series is hosted by nationally touring Jewish artist @Rick Recht, featuring inspiring news from JCC Camp community leaders, directors, counselors, campers and alumni and many touring artists.

  • Les Mills Virtual Classes | Fitness Classes

    To access the Les Mills at-home workouts, click the link below. Once you are on the landing page, scroll down to see the first set of videos. To access more by category, click on the “click here for more button.” This will show you the options by category. Select the workout that you want to do, and get to work

  • Stuck at Home?

    It’s important that you are taking a moment to stretch! Intentional and mindful movement. Personal trainer and massage therapist Jayson Jones here to here to show you some simple ways to stretch from your home office