Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons


Learn to swim or master the sport. Swim lessons provide you with personal attention from our experienced swim instructors who coach you through fundamental, intermediate or advanced skills based your individual needs. Private Swim Lessons are an experience designed to help you reach your specific goals and progress at your own pace, while fitting within your daily routine. We work with you to schedule lessons based on your availability and the availability of our aquatic facilities. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced level swimmer, explore the potential to develop your physical health and well-being with the expertise of our aquatic professionals.


Private swim lesson levels offered:


Adult Intro to Swimming: Fearful of water? Fear no more. Learn the basics of how to balance, float, and become comfortable in the water. There’s no pressure to learn how to swim. This course is a 30 minute lesson.


Adult 1 (Beginner): For those who are comfortable in water but haven’t had any formal lessons. Independent swimming is not required. Learn basic movements in the water including gliding, breathing techniques, basic freestyle, and backstroke. This course is a 30 minute lesson.


Adult 2 (Experienced Beginner): For those who have completed Adult 1 (or a comparable level) and are comfortable in water up to 9 feet deep. The lesson will focus on improving efficiency and endurance in freestyle and backstroke. This course is a 30 minute lesson.


Adult 3 (Intermediate): Work on the finer points of freestyle and backstroke. Also learn basic techniques for breaststroke, elementary backstroke, treading water, and butterfly. Must be able to swim 25 yards continuously with side breathing. This course is a 60 minute lesson.


Adult 4 (Advanced): For those who have completed Adult 3 (or a comparable level) and are looking to use swimming as a training tool. This level is for those who are looking to refine their competitive strokes and build up their endurance and speed. This course is a 60 minute lesson. 



Please contact to schedule lessons with one of our swim instructors. Please include the days and times you are available for lessons and we will try to accommodate these times to the best of our ability.