Aquatics Classes

It’s fun to get fit in the water! And at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC we have lots of options to keep you splashing around.


Below is a list of the most popular anticipated classes*. To see an actual list of classes and their schedules click the button on the right side of your screen.  If you have questions about any of our classes, or have suggestions for classes you’d like to see on our schedule, please email



Aqua Fit - Tone and sculpt your body with no impact   to   your   joints.   This   popular   water aerobics workout is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.

Aqua Tabata - Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. This class will bring you the benefits of Tabata into the pool. It will offer a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, to ensure calorie burn and provide noticeable results.

Aqua Zumba® - Blends the Zumba® philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn’t miss!



Developmental Swim Team: Pre-Team - The goal of this group is to prepare swimmers for participation on our swim team.  Emphasis will be placed on refining technique in all four competitive strokes.


Developmental  Swim  Team:  Blue  I The  goal  of  this  group  is  to  develop  proper stroke Technique in all four competitive strokes and   to   develop   a   love   for   swimming   and physical fitness.


Developmental Swim Team: Blue II - The goal of this group is to cultivate a love and appreciation for swimming while increasing endurance, health and general physical fitness levels. This is the ideal place to develop great training habits for life or to prepare for upcoming high school swim or water polo seasons.




Masters Swim Club - We are an organized, supportive group of swimmers coached by experienced, motivating and supportive coaches. We come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of efficiency. We swim for fun, we swim to meet new friends, we swim for exercise, we swim for competition and some swim for all of the above. But mostly, we swim for our health and well-being. Come and swim with us... it's that simple. All members are welcome to try a complimentary swim workout with us.

Got Talent?

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