We also offer Group Exercise classes for all ages at the Mezrah Family Aquatic Center.


Recommended to bring sunscreen, water shoes, sunglasses and a hat.


Aqua Challenge - This whole-body workout will focus on building core strength through water resistance, and  increase flexibility.  Aqua Challenge will also challenge and help increase your cardiovascular fitness level. And burn countless calories!


Aqua Fit - Tone and sculpt your body with low impact to your joints. This popular water exercise workout is a swimming blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as buoyant water weights and noodles.


Aqua Tabata - Tabata interval training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. This class will bring you the benefits of Tabata into the pool. It will offer a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, to ensure calorie burn and provide noticeable results.     


Deep Water Exercise- A highly effective cardiovascular workout that is low impact on your joints. A flotation belt is used for support.


For more information, contact  Aquatics@BGFJCC.com or contact our Welcome Desk at (813) 575-5900.

Aqua Fit Temperature Change


By popular request, the aqua fit cut off temperature is changing from 59 to 54 degrees. In other words, if the temperature is 54 or lower, one hour prior to class, the class will be cancelled. If the temperature is at least 55 degrees one hour prior to class, then we will have the class.