Pilates / Barre Classes


This is a total body conditioning class that will sculpt a long, lean, ballet body (and booty!). Exercises may include low to no impact work, as well as upper body conditioning with light hand held weights or bands.


Mat Pilates

Think “long lean body”.  This class focuses on strength and flexibility of the major muscle groups and is based on the traditional studies of Joseph Pilates.  If you’re not sure if yoga or Pilates is for you, try Mat Pilates.  The exercises combine core activities and breathing/relaxation.  Instructor may use additional equipment such as stability balls or resistance bands to enhance movements. 



Join us for a fusion class incorporating the basic principles of yoga and pilates.  Improve strength and flexibility in a relaxed environment that promotes mind/body awareness while achieving new levels of functional fitness.  All levels welcome.


WillPower & grace ™

This class is the yoga junkie’s answer to cardio.  Combining mind/body principles with dance movements, you will experience a balanced yet energetic cardiovascular class fused with traditional calisthenics.  The core theme behind this class is functional training – movements that help you with everyday life.  All levels welcome.  *Note: This class is traditionally executed barefoot. If you are not comfortable barefoot, it is OK to wear a thin soled sneaker.

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