Hip Hop Pilates by the Pool

Fourth Friday of every Month

6:30 – 7:30 PM | 7:30 – 8:00 PM (social time)

Bryan Glazer Family JCC | Mezrah Family Aquatic Center Pool Deck

Member: Free | Guest: $5

FREE First Time Reformer Session

for all Members new to Pilates Reformer
* Must register for Class in order to attend.


Register at the Welcome Desk,
Fitness Desk or e-mail us at pilates@bgfjcc.com

Bryan Glazer Family JCC – Reformer Studio
Member: $199


Are you looking to strengthen your core, improve back stability and create a long, lean, supple look to our body? 


Our Pilates Reformer sessions will help optimize your fitness routine to get you to your goals.


• Elongate and strengthen your muscles simultaneously
• Improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility
• Develop a strong core
• Enjoy a refreshing mind-body workout
• Create an evenly conditioned body in a low-impact way
• Enhance sports performance
• Prevent injury

Instructors: Sarah Chaves | Deanne Martel | Rachel Jimenez | Jennifer Teter



Pilates Reformer


Come on and get your workout in with a Nationally Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor. Pilates is known for its amazing ability to strengthen your core, improve back stability and create a long, lean, supple look to your body. Clients move through a system of classical exercises lying face down, face up and standing. To schedule a session, email pilates@bgfjcc.com


This is a total body conditioning class that will sculpt a long, lean, ballet body (and booty!). Exercises may include low to no impact work, as well as upper body conditioning with light hand held weights or bands.


Mat Pilates

Think “long lean body”.  This class focuses on strength and flexibility of the major muscle groups and is based on the traditional studies of Joseph Pilates.  If you’re not sure if yoga or Pilates is for you, try Mat Pilates.  The exercises combine core activities and breathing/relaxation.  Instructor may use additional equipment such as stability balls or resistance bands to enhance movements.

For More Information
Please call us at 813.575.5900 or email pilates@bgfjcc.com