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Family LEGO Building Mission & Pizza Dinner!
March 4 | 4 - 6:30 PM
Members & Guests $12 per person | Discounts available for groups of 10 or more. | Registration will open soon
Bryan Glazer Family JCC| 522 N. Howard Avenue,Tampa, FL

This FAMILY EVENT is for friends ages 5+ and everyone who simply loves LEGOS! 70,000 LEGO blocks will create highlights of Jerusalem including: the Kotel, David's Tower, the 2nd Temple, The Montefiore Windmill, all the Gates going into the Old City and 80 buildings inside the walls! Completion will be a 400 square foot model, exactly to scale!

ALL ABOUT THE LEGO MISSION:  Schwartz, a full-time architect for SWS Architects in Livingston, N.J., also runs Building Blocks Workshops, in which he leads students in building large-scale cities out of Legos.

He participated in the festival six years ago, and he came back to create a 400-square-foot model of the Old City of Jerusalem out of 70,000 Legos (his personal collection).

In just two hours, he provided minimal instruction to the roughly 200 parents and children in attendance. And with surprisingly controlled chaos, they framed walls and buildings of the city based on a 20-by-20-foot map taped to the floor. Some gates were six blocks high while others reached 24 inches. “People understand three-dimensional models so much more than just a two-dimensional drawing,” he said. Following the construction, he gave a “tour” of the city with historical details. Jewish content, such as building Masada, the Warsaw Ghetto and the world’s tallest Lego menorah is a huge hit. Visualizing the city of Jerusalem this way has an impact on the kids while also engaging them.

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