It's a new year, the Bryan Glazer Family JCC is your 1 stop shop for all youth programs. Spring 2018 enrichment classes for all ages! BGFJCC will offer Chess, Ball Hockey, Extreme Kids in Motion, Aleph Bet Yoga and much more. The enrichment classes will start in January and will include 8 and 10 week sessions.  All of the enrichment classes will feature a member and a guest fee. Spring classes will be held at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC in a variety of spaces.


*All classes are contingent upon sufficient registration.

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Baby & Me Yoga (ages 6 months - 2 years)
January 29 - March 26 | *No Class March 5*
M 1PM - 1:45PM


This 8 week series is designed for parents or guardians to practice yoga with their new bundles of joy! Moms/caregivers can practice in a safe environment and feel comfortable caring for the baby with other moms/caregivers.

Aleph Bet Yoga (ages 6 month – 5 years)
March 5 – April 23
10 AM – 10:45 AM


Learn the Hebrew alphabet through yoga! Using traditional and modified yoga poses, kids can create the letters and also benefit from the stretching and strengthening offered by each pose.

Member: $50/Guest: $65

Mommy & Me Book Club (Ages 3 – 5)
March 5 – April 23
Th 3 PM – 3:45 PM


Do you like green eggs and ham? This Dr. Seuss themed class is a perfect class for learning how to make exciting snacks! Each week we will read a Dr. Seuss book and then create a fun snack based off the book. Are you ready to head into the land of Dr. Seuss and enjoy all the silly crafts and snacks that will be made?

Member $80
Guest $95

TumbleKids (Ages 2 – 5)
March 7 – April 25
W 4 PM – 4:45 PM


TumbleKids provides a safe, fun, age appropriate gymnastics experience. Walk the low beam, somersault across the mat and much more in this action packed class


Member $120
Guest $135

SoccerTots (Ages 3 – 5)
March 6 – April 24
Tu 10 AM – 10:45 AM


SoccerTots will bring fun games, energy and soccer together for an action packed session.  Kids will learn the game of soccer through a variety of activities in the gym. SoccerTots will focus on having FUN with a soccer ball!


Member $80
Guest $95

Broadway Babies (Ages 3 – 5)
March 22 – May 24
Th 10 AM – 10:45 AM


This class is a perfect introduction to the performing arts for your little one! Taught by Show on the Road, Young students will participate in learning songs, dance and creating arts and crafts that will all become a part of the mini-musical number the students will perform at the end of each session!


Member $80
Guest $95


Chess (3rd – 6th grade)
March 20 – May 22
Tu 5:15 PM – 6:30 PM


Time to learn chess. Chess is one of the world's oldest, greatest games.  It's been shown to help students develop better spatial reasoning, improved academics and good sportsmanship. We will be teaching all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We will have casual games and also a player's ladder and tournaments for those who want to join. We can do chess puzzles and  help you learn how to play better tactics and strategy.


Member $80
Guest $95

TumbleKids (Ages 6 – 12)
March 7 – April 25
W 5 PM – 5:45 PM


TumbleKids provides a safe, fun, age appropriate gymnastics experience. Walk the low beam, somersault across the mat and much more in this action packed class.

Member $120
Guest $135

Lights, Camera, Action (2nd – 8th grade)
March 26 - May 14
M 2:30 PM - 4 PM




One lonely night the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto's wish and brings his wooden puppet to life.  So begins Pinocchio's journey. Hop a ride with Pinocchio as he takes off on his classic adventure! This children’s play adaptation is faithful to the original beloved story by Carlo Collodi with lots of fun and comedy!


Member $125
Guest $140

Extreme Kids in Motion (K – 2nd grade)
March 19 – May 21
M 4 PM – 5 PM


Extreme Kids in Motion is a physical exercise and training program which uses drills and obstacle solving techniques to increase your child's movement and motor skills development. By the end of the ten week program your child will have the ability to participate in any sport or physical activity with increased coordination, skill and greater self-confidence. It's time to get Extreme!


Member $150
Guest $165

Musical Theater Jazz Dance (ages 6+)
January 11 – March 15 | 6-10 years
Th 4 PM – 5 PM

January 11 – March 15 | 11+
Th 5 PM – 6 PM


"Show on the Road," a mixture of jazz, modern and hip hop to get your student moving! The class consists of three mini lessons in three different styles of dance using proper technique and terminology set to the hits of Broadway and contemporary music. Participants end the semester with a mash-up performance of dance styles learned.


Member $125
Guest $140

Ball Hockey League  - BGF
February 11 – April 1 | 6-9 years
Su 1 PM – 2:30 PM

February 11 – April 1 | 10-13 years
Su 2:30 PM – 4 PM


In partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning, this Ball Hockey League will bring the game that you love to the JCC. Sign up for this fun filled hockey league and get in the action. Practice your stick skills, passing and shooting before taking on the opposing team. The league will feature 8 practices and 8 games, a 30 minute practice will be followed by a 45 minute game on Sundays. Each player will receive a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey stick.

Member $125
Guest $140