Short Film Spotlight

Bus Stop                                                                                                                                      

Comedy (2020)|14 minutes     

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A short comedy about a couple planning a dream vacation. All they wanted to do is make it to the airport in time. Unfortunately, one thing leads to the next in a cacophony of poorly timed chance encounters in a small Slovakian village.


A Kiss Is a Kiss

Romance (2003) | 7 minutes                                                                                                               

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Four couples trying to conquer their kissing fears.       


Adieu My Beloved                                                                                                   

Animation (2018) | 3 minutes

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This animation is based on a letter that director Susan Shulman’s grandfather wrote to her grandmother in 1900. This is but one of hundreds of pages penned from that time. They both immigrated to Montreal from Russia. He was 18 in 1900 and she followed in 1902 at the age of 20. An immigrant’s tale of courage and love.  


Gary and Mildred   

Animation (2007) | 6 minutes     

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Pushy ‘70s mama Mildred and lonely son Gary live together in eccentric disharmony in this hilarious (and slightly bonkers) animation from Rivka Press – a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.


I Am Ruthie Segal, Hear Me Roar                                                                                               

Comedy, Musical (2009) | 10 minutes    

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This short musical comedy celebrates chutzpah, passion and everyone’s secret and obsession with shamltzy musicals.


Call Me Alvy                                                                                                                                    

Comedy, Drama (2017) | 10 minutes

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Brian Silver – almost 13 – has been obsessed with Woody Allen ever since his older brother introduced him to Annie Hall. Does his mother (Tracy Ann Oberman) have a reason to worry, or is it just a phase?


Samuel – 613                                                                  

Comedy, Drama (2015) | 15 minutes 

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The story of Shmilu, a Hasidic Jew in crisis, torn between his community and the romantic possibilities of trendy East London. This is the first fictional film made in Stamford Hill’s Hasidic community, with the participation of its members and Yiddish dialogue. It explores culture clash, identity struggle and the spiritual consequences.


Sour Milk                                                                                                                                           

Drama (2007) | 10 minutes 

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Jerusalem 1929, set against the backdrop of one of the harshest Arab attacks on the Jews in British Mandatory Palestine. Seven-year-old Haya goes with her mother, Leah, to the market to buy groceries for the Sabbath. Forgetful of the late hour and unaware of the events brewing, they find themselves trapped in riots, in a local Arab spice store. Thanks to the kind-hearted storekeeper, Leah is offered a chance to save her daughter and perhaps herself as well.

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