Message from the Bryan Glazer Family JCC

Questions and Answers with the Fitness Staff

Stuck working from home? Simple ways to stretch from your home office.



Arm Workout with Marilyn

30 minutes or less! Backyard circuit with Francesca!

Virtual HIIT Strength Legs and Core with Ashaa is here!

HIIT Strength Upper Body and Core with Ashaa 2

Cardio circuit with Stephen

Suitcase workout with Stephen

Sunday Funday Squats with Todd

Hip Mobility with Todd Whelan

Tai Chi with Charlie

Push-up variations with Sarah

Barre at home with Dolores

Dolores at the BARRE

30 Minutes of Core with Dolores

Monday Meditation with Lizette

Barre with Jane | Part 1

Barre with Jane | Part 2

Mat Pilates with David

Body Weight Cardio with David



Crafts | Spring Flower and Baby Chick

Crafts | Bumble Bees & Lady Bugs

Crafts | Sheep

Crafts | Spring Salt Flower

Crafts | Popsicle Stick Superheroes

Homemade Play Dough For kids

Dance Fitness for Kids with Jason



Master your freestyle with Rachel and Jake!

Butterfly Stroke

Breaststroke with Jake and Rachel

Home pool? Master your backstroke with Rachel and Jake!

Who doesn't love blowing bubbles?! Join Jake and Dutch for simple blowing bubble exercises that you can do with your kids at home.

No pool? No problem! Practice your swim kicking at home. Keep those swim skills sharp!

Spare water jug laying around? Join Jake as he shows us the best way to recycle.

Kicking, blowing bubbles, and getting comfortable with water are crucial for your little ones before enrolling in swim lessons. Here are a few at- home tips!