Message from the Bryan Glazer Family JCC

Stuck working from home? Simple ways to stretch from your home office.

Questions and Answers with the Fitness Staff



Body Weight & Core Workout with Sarah Flook

Abs and Glutes with the one and only Sarah Flook

20 Minute Glutes and Abs Workout

Who's ready for "Flabs to Abs" with Sarah?!

Chest and Back workout with Sarah

Circuit with Sarah | Workout with Household Items

Total Body Burn - Under 15 Minutes

Push-up variations with Sarah

Plank variations with Sarah

In need of some FUN FITNESS?!

Training Specificity 101

Plyometrics Explained

RAMP! Raise. Activate. Mobilize. Potentiate.

Curious about how to properly and safely hip hinge?

Turn Your Walking / Running Into a HIIT

HIIT the Ground Running!

Are you a runner? Stretches to support your current training routine

Stretching with Sarah

Senior Cardio with Sarah

Want to improve your balance?

Senior Cardio

How to Properly Read a Nutrition Label

The Importance of Hydration

Sugar and the Body

Mental Health and Stress Management with Stephen

Eating Before Bed: Fact vs. Fiction

Organic and All Natural… What does it mean?

When is the best time to work out?

Tips for Eating at Restaurants

Sleep and Recovery with Stephen

Motivation and Mental Imagery

Alternative forms of Exercise

Backpack Workout with Stephen

Suitcase workout with Stephen

Lower Back Exercises with Personal Trainer Stephen

Strength Circuit with Stephen

Cardio circuit with Stephen

Fore for Core with Stephen

Isometric Exercises with Stephen

Stretch Challenge with Ashaa | Frog Stretch

Foam Rolling with Ashaa

Hip flexibility and mobility with Ashaa

Virtual HIIT Strength Legs and Core with Ashaa is here!

HIIT Strength Upper Body and Core with Ashaa 2

Quick Upper Body Burner with Ashaa

Sunday Funday Squats with Todd

Hip Mobility with Todd Whelan

Upper Body with Todd Whelan

Mat Pilates with David

Body Weight Cardio with David

Tai Chi with Charlie

Barre with Jane | Part 1

Barre with Jane | Part 2

30 minutes or less! Backyard circuit with Francesca!

Monday Meditation with Lizette

Five Minute Mat Pilates with Veronica

Arm Workout with Marilyn

Dance Fitness for Kids with Jason

Kids Fitness Challenge with Sarah and guest Elizabeth

Kids' Fitness with Sarah