A project of the Tampa JCCs & Federation Philip Shayman Parkinson’s Program

in collaboration with the Tampa Museum of Art

Cost: Free

This special project of viewing and creating art is designed to improve the lives of Parkinson’s patients and their care partners through the therapeutic power of art.  The project is generously supported by Maureen and Doug Cohn.



Tuesday, October 5th, 2:00 PM

At the Tampa Museum of Art, museum educators will lead participants through the exhibit and discuss the artwork. Docents will utilize guided looking techniques to inspire conversation and reflection amongst the participants. Participants will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of having conversations about art and learn from each other.



Thursday, October 7th, 1:30 PM

This workshop at the JCC on the Cohn Campus will feature art-therapy informed activities led by the Museum’s studio programs staff, using a variety of art making techniques tailored to the participants’ needs and interests.  The art making activities will inspired by the artwork looked at during the museum visit.


Rock Steady Boxing

Monday, September 20 & 27, 11:00 AM / Jen Goldberg (Cohn + Virtual)

Tuesdays, September 21 & 28, 1:30 PM / Beth Maberry (BGF – in person only)

Wednesdays, September 22 & 29, 11:00 AM / Jen Shipherd (Cohn + Virtual)

Fridays, September 24 & October 1, 1:30 PM / Beth Maberry (BGF – in person only)

A fun activity that focuses on building strength in the core.  Rock Steady Boxing conditions for agility, speed, endurance, hand-eye coordination.


Tremble Clefs Singing Group

Mondays, September 20 & 27, 3:00 PM (Cohn + Virtual)

Addresses voice projection, breathing and posture.  Tremble Clefs is voice therapy and mutual social support through singing, performance and the power of making music together.


Nia Class with Jen Goldberg

Tuesdays, September 21 & 28, 11:00 AM (Cohn + Virtual)
A full body, mind and spirit fitness practice, leading to greater health and well-being.  Nia is designed to unleash your personal power through movement and music, integrating dance arts, healing arts and martial arts.  Nia enhances body awareness with focus on flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability.


Chair Yoga & Line Dance with Sarah Flook

Wednesdays, September 22 & 29, 2:00 PM (BGF + Virtual)

Promotes balance, coordination and mobility.  Move fluidly to the music as you learn fun choreographed dance steps.


Stretch & Strengthen

Monday, September 20 & 27, 1:30 PM (BGF + Virtual) with Sarah Flook

Thursdays, September 23 & 30, 2:00 PM (Cohn + Virtual) with Jen Shipherd

This class addresses flexibility and neuromotor functions such as balance and gait, coordination, and agility.  The class encourages muscular strength and muscular endurance.  It is designed to enhance physical and mental balance and coordination.


Brain Games: Travel Trivia, Word Find, Jeopardy, etc. with Vandan Kamath

Thursday, September 23, 10:30 AM (Virtual)

A fun morning of games and puzzles to engage the brain and sharpen the mind.


Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Workshop with Cathy Daumen

Fridays, September 24 & October 1, 10:30 AM (Virtual)

Helps reinforce the brain signals to improve eye and hand coordination.  This is a 3 step approach: exercising the large arm/hand muscles, working with the fine motor skills, and exercises to improve handwriting.  All 3 areas need to work together for success.


Tai Chi/Meditation with Suzanne Chen

Fridays, September 24 & October 1, 2:15 PM (Cohn + Virtual)

Tai Chi has been shown to be one of the most effective exercises for improving balance in patients with Parkinson’s disease by using gentle, flowing movements with the breath to improve balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and motor control.  Tai Chi calms all the systems of the body, targeting the nervous system, which helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


Support Groups (Virtual)

New Patient Support Group Monday, September 20, 10:00 AM

Care Partner Support Group Newly Diagnosed, Monday, September 20, 11:15 AM

Patient Support Group Newly Diagnosed, Monday, September 20, 12:30 PM

Patient Support Group, Friday, September 24 & October 1, 12:00 PM

Care Partners Support Group, Friday, October 1, 1:30 PM


Philip Shayman Parkinson’s Program Introduction. Learn more about who we are and what we offer.

Parkinson's Spring Fling

Stretch and Strengthen Introduction.

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing Coach Beth Maberry and Wingman Sam Scaff lead the workout

Rock Steady Boxing Introduction.

Participate In As Many Fitness Classes As You Would Like For $20 Per Month Or $100 For 6 Months!


Join USF Health and the JCC for fun classes like Rock Steady Boxing*, Nia, Tai Chi, Stretch & Strengthen, Water & Movement and Cycling. To register or learn more about the program, please contact Pnina Levermore at 813.291.2253 or or Leigh Harrell at 813.396.0768 or



The Philip Shayman Parkinson’s Program Schedule

JCC on the Cohn Campus in Citrus Park 13009 Community Campus Drive Tampa, FL 33625 All activities are in-person plus virtual

  • Mondays 10:30 AM - Rock Steady Boxing* 3:00 PM - Tremble Clefs
  • Tuesdays 10:30 AM - Nia
  • Wednesdays 11:00 AM - Rock Steady Boxing*
  • Thursdays 2:00 PM - Stretch & Strengthen
  • Fridays 3:00 PM - Tai Chi


Bryan Glazer Family JCC in South Tampa 522 N. Howard Avenue Tampa, FL 33606 All activities are in-person plus virtual

  • Mondays 1:30 PM - Stretch & Strengthen
  • Tuesdays 12:00 PM - Rock Steady Boxing*
  • Tuesdays  1:30 PM - Parkinson’s in Movement
  • Wednesdays 2:00 PM - Chair Yoga/Line Dance
  • Fridays 1:30 PM - Rock Steady Boxing*


Virtual Only


  • 12:00 PM - Patient Support Group          
  • 1:30 PM - Care Partners Support Group


  • 10:30 AM - Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Workshop  
  • 12:00 PM - Patient Support Group
  • 1:30 PM - Care Partners Support Group


*Rock Steady Boxing classes are an affiliate program of Rock Steady Boxing, Inc. rSupport groups are biweekly; Patient Support Group on Fridays meets weekly

Enroll now for fitness classes or a support group specific to you. To register or learn more about the program, please contact Pnina Levermore at 813.291.2253 or



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